Popmoney® is an innovative personal payments service offered by Selfreliance UAFCU.

Popmoney® eliminates the hassles of checks and cash by allowing you to send and receive money as easily as you send and receive email and text messages. Best of all, you don't need another account. Just use your current credit union account. Send money to your child at college, family, friends, landlord, roommates, babysitter…

How it Works

Sending Money

To send money, log in to DirectConnectsm, go to DirectPaysm and click on Popmoney® .

Send money to anyone using his/her email address, mobile number or bank account information. If you're sending a gift, consider using one of our special email designs.

You will be notified when the transaction is completed.

Receiving Money

You will receive an email or text message notifying you someone sent you money.

If the recipient is a Selfreliance UAFCU member, log in to DirectConnectsm, go to DirectPaysm, click on Popmoney® , and direct the funds there.

If the recipient’s financial institution offers Popmoney®, the recipient can log in to his/her account and direct the funds there.

If the recipient’s financial institution does not offer Popmoney®, the recipient can provide his/her account information at Popmoney.com. The recipient’s money will be sent to that account.

If the recipient does not provide his/her account information, the payment will be automatically returned to the sender's account.

Money sent to a bank account will be automatically deposited there.

It's just that easy!