DirectConnectsm System Security

SUAFCU has taken every precaution to secure and safeguard your financial data in making it available over the Internet. There are a few steps we encourage you to take in order to help us safeguard your information:

  • Password security. Your Password is the "key" that unlocks your account information. You should never give your Password to anyone. No SUAFCU employee will ever ask for your Password. Immediately report any attempt, by anyone, to obtain your Password to SUAFCU. In the event you lose or forget your Password, click Forgot User Name or Password? link below the login, or contact DirectConnectsm Support;
  • Password selection. Select Password that cannot be easily guessed. For example, do not use numbers that can be easily linked to you, such as your address, your phone number, your date of birth or a partial Social Security number. A random set of numbers and letters is required. Your Password must contain at least eight (8) and no more than fifteen (15) characters;
  • Windows® password storage. Microsoft® Windows® may prompt you to save your Password information. SUAFCU recommends that you do not use this save or remember feature.
  • Logout. When you have completed your activity on DirectConnectsm always log out to make sure the next person using the computer does not have access to your account.

Following this simple guide can help safeguard your financial information. Using DirectConnectsm can be an easy, safe and secure method of managing your money.

REMINDER: In order to enroll in DirectConnectsm you must arrange for Internet service with a provider.